A strip of different artistic images including: 1. Abstract painting of green watercolour spirals on a yellow background with red pencil spirals swirling all over the top. 2. Photograph of a man's hands rolling green paint onto a foam printmaking plate with a roller. 3. Collage of green and yellow paper triangles on a white ink background. 4. Detail of brown mud of white paper in a drawing of a plant. © all images by Natalya Garden-Thompson, 2016

Art is a Road Back; and, like all roads back, it is a road forward, for it leads not to a past, accomplished somewhere back there, but to the past within us. It offers a road back to experiencing, to a quickening of the senses, to a fuller realization of our humanity, and to a wholeness which is our real heritage (Dudley, Faricy & Rice, 1978).

Creative Arts Inquiry for Community Arts

The arts have the capacity to capture, hold and share the experiences of people living within a community.

Creative arts inquiry offers a way to create artworks based on common themes or in response to a particular place.

This involves reflecting on lived experiences and gathering threads of shared knowing to form individual and group artworks.

       Process based exploration

       Exploring a range of materials

       A combination of modes e.g. painting, drawing, writing, storytelling, performance,                       sculpture and movement.

Art has the capacity to unlock deep feeling…although the intention of the community arts work Natalya offers is not therapeutic the space is safe to contain what emerges. Art is also an important vehicle for social change and action.

A strip of different artistic images including: 1. Course green hessian on green background. 2. Collage of a tree like figure made of white, green and pink paper shapes on a brown  and yellow background with an arch of black lines and dots above it with the word "Expression" printed.  3. Detail of green etching print  of abstract plant. 4. Detail of the face of the tree like figure collage.© all images by Natalya Garden-Thompson, 2016

Benefits of Community Arts

Community Art can be for enjoyment, investigation and/or celebration.

       Community events

       Special occasions (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, commemorations)

       Specific groups and organisations

Natalya Garden-Thompson has experience working with arts organisations, community education, councils, health service providers, schools and community art projects.

Her focus is on creating accessible and inclusive artistic and creative experiences for everyone.

A strip of different artistic images including: 1. Pastel  drawing of green and white plant. 2. Watercolour painting of light and dark criss crossed lines representing grass. 3. Play dough figure (blue, yellow and pink coloured) covered in black pastel lying on a piece of paper with pastel drawn lines which make the figure appear to be tied down. © all images by Natalya Garden-Thompson, 2016