Welcome to Creative Vitality! I am Natalya Garden-Thompson (AthR) and this is my creative arts therapy and community arts practice. My focus is on companioning people to find their inner vitality. I believe that every individual has the capacity to make change in their lives but often need some guidance or assistance with getting started. The arts is a very useful tool to begin the "opening up" process.  Simple mediums can help to access inner knowings - creating visual representations of ordinary day-to-day moments which can hold important meaning.  My intention is to create a safe space to inquire into what emerges in a therapeutic session or workshop. If you are curious please have a wonder through the pages of this website for more information on my approach and values. I look forward to sharing more insights and offerings on this blog soon.

Yours creatively, 


Natalya Garden-Thompson, Creative Vitality                                                                                Photograph of a collage made from:  light brown handmade paper & green etchings on paper shaped as leaves; orange paper love hearts with yellow  radiating lines on top. All laying on top of green silk paper. © all images by Natalya Garden-Thompson, 2016